Cheyenne Carrasco
  1. Modpad Brand Identity, Web
  2. Green Gold Publication Design, Editorial Design
  3. Chinati Visual Identity, Print
  4. Human-centric Visual Identity, Print
  5. Time/Bank Exhibition Catalog, Editorial Design

  6. Charles Carrasco Visual Identity, Web
  7. Gala Gala Brand Identity

Junior Graphic Designer Based in Texas with a BFA in Communication Design from Texas State Univeristy. Interests in visual identity, typography, publication and print design. Open and available for freelance.

11 million pounds of avocado are consumed around the world every year.
The US consumes the majority at more than 2 million pounds – a $2.5 billion dollar market.

Green Gold is a small publication of essays centered around the ongoing war between cartels
and the avocado industry of Michoacán, Mexico.